Should You Quit Your Job?

Tired of your job? Is going to work just a burden for you? Do you get depressed Sunday nights, thinking about the upcoming week of work? Are you asking yourself, over and over again, “Should I quit my job?”

You might deny your sentiments and chalk it down to laziness, immaturity or irresponsibility. But there’s a chance you have a very good reason for feeling like this.

In my video, I explain that if your work doesn’t suit your nature, your essence, you should put into motion a plan for quitting your job! Or maybe you have the right kind of work, the right career, but the wrong focus for it.

Check out my video on the subject here to hear more on this and also what care must be taken if you’re going to be switching jobs or even careers.

You might also want to read this post with 3 tips on finding a career that suits your nature, in other words, finding your vocation or calling.

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