How 60 Seconds a Day Can Change Your Life

Probably the simplest scientifically proven life hack is keeping a gratitude journal. Just write down, every day, three things you’re grateful for in the last 24 hours. After a few days, you’ll do it in less than 60 seconds. It’s so simple, yet so powerful, that it’s just plain hard to believe.

But the science behind it is super solid – research after research showing the benefits of it and its positive impact on social interactions, sleep, mental and physical health, increased productivity and on and on. It’s tried and tested, and it works for everyone – from children to the elderly, from East to West, from top to bottom of the social pecking order. It doesn’t matter who you are or what’s going on in your life – it works!

Some simple tips:

  • Ritualize it: fix a time of day do it every day. Consider using an alarm, a reminder or an app. Here’s a link for the top gratitude journal apps for iOS and for Android.
  • Consider doing with your spouse or children. The whole family will benefit and each will help the other not skip the practice.
  • Little things count: a hug, a nice meal, a good workout… anything that made you feel better can be written down in your gratitude journal.

Check out this great detailed post on the benefits of gratitude if you need more convincing of its powerful effects and access to the research behind it.

For those interested in self-realization, gratitude not only helps you become more spiritual, but being more spiritual will help you become more grateful, in a positive upward spiral of wellbeing and growth.

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