Technique For Lowering Anxiety – Write It Down

Though anxiety predominates our modern life, you don’t have to live with it. Here’s an immediate, scientifically-proven technique for lowering your anxiety and an overall take on it to help you lessen or avoid it altogether.

Anxiety is the fruit of illusion, of the mind out of the here and now, fantasizing about possible futures and their consequences. Studies show that you can lower your anxiety by simply writing out what it is that is bothering you.

Anxiety arises from “pre-occupation”, that is, from wanting to engage in an activity that has not yet begun and may not even exist. When there is, say, a trip or presentation that needs to be done, even though we have done everything we can to prepare for the event, we still dwell in anxiety, thinking we might have forgotten something or how something can go wrong. At other times, we are anxiously awaiting some event, be it the arrival of someone or the result of an examination, thinking frantically about the consequences of the event, the things we will have to do if we do this or that, or simply wondering what the result will be. All of this, of course, is crazy!

It does us no good to operate this way. In fact, it only makes things worse. It ruins our well-being without bringing useful results. We just need to do our best right now. Once we do that, we gain nothing from mulling it over again and again.

One of the secrets of the 3T Path is to understand that we cannot control the results. We can only do our best. There are innumerable facts and influences in any action, not least of which is God’s will. The laws of nature, the desire and influence of countless other living entities and providence overwhelm our efforts, making it impossible to predict the results, even in controlled situations, what to speak of general dealings in life.

And if an event has not yet happened, let it happen first. Sure, plan for it. But don’t stress over it. Don’t think you need a plan for every possible eventuality. You’ll go nuts doing this. You’ve experienced this over and over again: the future very seldom turns out the way you thought it would. Futurology is a very inaccurate activity. There is very likely something much more useful for you to do right now. You have other dharmas to enact, right now, without wasting your time planning for the unknown. Bring your mind back to reality, to the here and now, and immediately you’ll feel better, more grounded and useful. Back in the flow of life. Or as I say in the 3T Path, back to the reality paradigm, away from the fantasy paradigm.

So, write out your anxiety. Get it out of our head, in front of your in black and white. The act of writing it out engages the power of reason, which helps you diffuse the negative effects of worry and fear. Writing out your anxiety literally gets it out of your head. You can seriously consider if you’ve done what you can to deal with that concern and, if the answer is yes, then you can put it aside.

In my book, “The 3T Path” (, I offer several other profound mindset changes to overcome anxiety, as well as proven techniques such as mindfulness and meditation to help you greatly reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

Here’s my video on this topic.


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