If you want life to be good, you have to make it happen. Self-responsibility is the key term for a great life. You have to command your life, take control of your life. Here I’ll talk about this and how why it’s so important.

The first step to having a better life is self-observation. First, you have to learn to look inside, to observe your thoughts, desires, and feelings. You should become the witness of your mind.

Once you’re aware of yourself, then comes the second essential step: self-responsibility. Now you have to take control of your life. You must understand that you have the potential to completely determine your degree of happiness, satisfaction, peace, enthusiasm and so forth. You and only you.

I teach this mantra to help you take control of your life:

“I have created the life I live”

Repeated it over and over again. Repeat it until you stop blaming anyone or anything else for your unhappiness. Repeat it until you understand that your life is your creation. You built it, you got here by your choices. You created your life as it is now, which means you can now define what kind of life you want.

Better yet, you have the power to immediately change your well-being.

In the Bhagavad-gita, Krishna says, “the yogi depends on no-one”. You don’t depend on anyone or anything. You only depend on your own ability to live better. An ability which you can develop more and more.

In the book, “The 3T Path” (https://3tpath.com/books/) you’ll that there is a wide range of techniques and facts you need to make this happen. These are techniques that have been successfully employed by yogis for thousands of years, and which science is confirming and explaining. It’s not a wave-of-the-wand empty promise. These are real steps you can take, from multiple angles, to take control of your mind and thus your life experience. From diet to meditation, from philosophy to devotion.

Somebody could ask, “Doesn’t God help me? Isn’t my life also the work of God? What about my parents and friends? Haven’t they help my life be what it is today?” The answer is YES. But, never underestimate your role in your good fortune. If you have friends and family to help you out, it’s because you’ve done something right to earn them. You’ve done something right to keep them dear to you and you dear to them. As for God, Krishna says plainly in the Gita: “I’m equal to all”. God is equal to all, of course. But, He says, if you ask for His help, He’ll help you. So, even when it comes to getting more divine mercy, it’s still up to you to make it happen. You have to ask for it.

Being grateful is one of the many things you can practice, as part of your effort to take control of your life, to have a better life. So, it still boils down to you having to take command of your mind to be happy.

So, take control of your life. Learn to live better. Understand that you have this power. You have the means to define the quality of your life. All you need is the know-how and then the grit to make it happen.

Watch my video on this topic here.


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