What is The Real Dream Life?

Want to live a dream life? What will that take? Amazingly, we seldom stop to think about it and end up chasing the wrong dreams.

The first thing that comes to mind for most of us when we think of a dream life is fast cars, beautiful beaches, wealth, a big house and so on. It’s been hammered into our heads, over and over again, how success in life is measured by wealth, beauty and power. And yet, we’re never surprised to see how those who have such things aren’t actually happy! The illusion is so strong, that we think, “yeah, they’re not happy, but I would be!”

There are scientific studies showing that after a certain level (about middle-class income), having more money does not translate to more happiness. In other words, once you’ve achieved decent creature comforts and are no longer actually lacking anything you need, the rest is superfluous. Bill Gates is ten million times richer than most of us, but he’s not ten million times happier, is he?

This Business Insider article quotes rich people on how being rich didn’t make them happier. But we know this already. Disney cartoons have been teaching us this since we were kids. And yet, the crazy pursuit for wealth persists. And with it the notion that this will make us happy. The result? Most people are miserable, anxious and frustrated.

What the yoga tradition and scientific studies show, however, is that happiness is derived from intrinsic, not extrinsic, achievements. Joy comes from how you experience life, not what life you’re experiencing. This is the central message of the 3T Path I teach: it’s all about the mind.

The real dream life is to connect with others, live your true nature, and experience inner peace. Better yet, on top of this, to experience self-realization and bhakti, devotion to God. The beauty of this is that these beautiful intrinsic goals depend on nobody and nothing else, except you. You no longer need to feel like a victim of circumstances. You no longer need to feel jealous, unlucky or frustrated. It’s all up to you. The power is in your hands.

In my soon to be published book, The 3T Path, I teach time-tested and scientifically proven techniques to help you achieve this, to live the real dream life.

Check out my video on the topic of the real dream life here.

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