Are You Messed Up?

Are you messed up? Caught in an endless loop of lamentation? Depressed, angry, frustrated, sad… and you just can’t break away from it? Here’s the only way to break free from this.

It happens to the best of us. We get caught up on repetitive and negative mental patterns. Luckily, for most of us, we get back on track quickly. But sometimes, people get seriously messed up. They get trapped for months or years in a cycle of lamentation and depression, a lot of time accompanied by some sort of addiction. This can be fueled by anything from having a bad self-image worsened by school bullying to a traumatic event like a nasty divorce, a life-changing accident, bankruptcy or the loss of a loved one.

The trap is the same: an endless loop of negativity, always going back to the same root-cause. It’s a profoundly selfish pit, where the whole world, and everyone in it, basically is not important. All that matters is how horrible the world is and how pitiful the person feels. In my book, The 3T Path, one of the key concepts is that we must live beyond victimhood. When people get profoundly messed up, it’s usually the very opposite: total victimhood. The whole Universe is against them and all they perceive is how unfair and horrible life is.

There is but ONE solution to this: get out of your head! Stop thinking about how unfair the world is, and what a sorry victim of reality you are. But since it’s not possible to not think of something, the trick is to think of something else, to focus your mind on something else. If I tell you don’t think of an elephant, it doesn’t work. You’ll think of an elephant. So, if you’re trapped in your head, in an endless cycle of victimhood, the solution is to focus on the opposite of victimhood. Victimhood means you feel you can’t help yourself. The opposite of that is to help others, to serve. So the solution is to serve, to do your duty, and to live again your true essence. In yoga terms, this means to follow your dharma.

Stop thinking of what others have done to you. Stop focusing on what life has done to you. Instead, focus on what you can do for others, on what you can do for the world. You have a purpose, you have an essence. Living that essence, living that purpose means to serve others and the world. This is dharma.

Instead of complaining about how others behave, start finding ways to serve others. Help your family, help your friends, help your community. Serve the world according to your nature, be it with music, dance, carpentry, athletics, accounting or science. Whatever it is you can do, do that. Not for you. For others.

Serve your own self. Take care of your body and your mind. Exercise, find ways to get fitter and healthier. Better yet, get spiritual. Serve the cause of all causes, God. Transcend all mundane reality in seeking your deepest transcendent essence.

This is the secret to a great life: enlightened action. This is the way out of your head and out of a meaningless self-centered life.

I explain in detail all the many components to achieve this in my book, The 3T Path.

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“a well thought and important book” – Ithamar Theodor (Isvara Krsna Das)


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