In the traditional path of yoga, and in any path of self-realization in general, the first topic is how to end your suffering. But why is that that so few people today ever bother to search out the root cause of all our suffering?

By the way, if you want to know what the root cause of all your suffering is, check out my video on the topic here. When I was researching the available material to see how others had tackled the subject on YouTube, I was deeply surprised at how few hits the videos had. I think at the time the video on the subject with the most views had something like 80 thousand views. And the rest a few thousand or just a few hundred. “80 thousand views is the highest interest this subject has gotten in English?”, I thought to myself. In a world where a million views doesn’t mean much, this shows how little people are interested in the subject.

I’ve been trailing the path of bhakti-yoga for over 25 years. The basic premise in any religious or spiritual tradition is that you’re now supposed to be wise enough to know that no amount of tweaking your material existence is going to bring a definitive solution to the endless flow of difficulties and problems coming your way. A new approach is taken. The spiritualist now searches out the common denominator of all suffering. It seems obvious one should do this. But apparently, to judge from the very low YouTube hits on the subject, it’s not. Why is that?

My spiritual master, H.D. Goswami, uses the expression: “existential aquaplaning”. We’re moving so fast in life, there is zero profundity. We can’t be bothered to think beyond the immediate next step. We don’t stop to think outside the box of external solutions. But we should!

There are real solutions. There are practical, simple steps you can take to massively improve your life experience, no matter what situation you find yourself in now. And there are long-term solutions to go beyond all suffering definitively. It’s a win-win situation. Every step you take makes you feel better and the cumulative result is amazing. This is the driving force of my work, to share this path with others, to share the blessings. We don’t have to suffer uselessly and endlessly.

My new book, The 3T Path, is out soon. March 12th is our target launch date. It’s a unique one-stop system for achieving massive wellbeing and gradually reduce our suffering to nil.

Check out my video on the topic of why no one cares about the source of all suffering here.