Jen Sincero, in her book “You Are a Badass”, which was a NY Times #1 bestseller, leads her readers astray in two crucial points. Why this is important for you today is because these two serious errors are committed by most people and are at the root of our suffering and of missed spiritual opportunities.

First, the good: Jen Sincero is intelligent, funny and motivated. Her book has helped thousands of people feel better and move towards self-empowerment. So, kudos for her in this regard.

Now, the bad: Jen Sincero is a Law of Attraction high-priestess. I say priestess because LOA is pretty much like a religion – the bad kind. It converts, seeks believers, is full of dogma and in the end only the high clergy really win out, cashing in on the naivety of its followers, just like Jen Sincero has. She just published a new book, “You are a badass at making money”, to make more money out of these followers.

I explain in greater detail the danger and lies of the LOA here: Check it out before you drink their kool aid or to understand why it doesn’t work for you.

Not to repeat everything I wrote there, I’ll just focus on the killer problem with the LOA: it’s the how, not the what. Let me explain.

Life is not about what you have. It’s about how you live it. And the worse way to live your life is by focusing on the what, especially when that is something in the future. Even if you have the business you desire, the car you wished for, the dream house you planned and six-pack abs to show off – none of this will make you happy. Things don’t make you happy. It’s what you’re doing with your things, how you’re living your life, that makes you happy or not. So much so, that in the end you could be riding the bus, living in a one-bedroom and have a “dad bod”, and still be way, way happier and more realized than the folks in the Hamptons, Saudi princes and the jet set crowd. I call this “cartoon wisdom”, because it’s so obvious even children’s cartoons have explained this over and over again.

This is not only ancient wisdom, it’s confirmed by science. And you can experience it yourself. To tell people to chase after illusions in the future is to fill them with anxiety, low self-worth, fear, envy and, generally, make them unhappy and crazy. Sadly, Jen Sincero does that throughout the book, as do all the LOA clergy. Really bad advice.

Now, the ugly: Jen Sincero thinks God is just “source-energy”. She starts the book by nicely explaining how she broke through her crude vision of life and realized there was a higher power at work. She even calls it God. But then she limits herself and directs her readers to think of it only as “source-energy”.

To consider God as just a “source-energy” for all our selfish goals is pretty much the lowest conception you can achieve and so grossly misses out on who and what God really is, that it’s almost worse than just being a plain-vanilla agnostic. I guess philosophy and critical thinking are not encouraged by LOA types – otherwise they wouldn’t fall for that stuff. But here’s philosophy 101 to tackle this claim that God is just “source-energy”: if God is the source of everything, then he or she is also the source of personality, of feelings, intelligence, relationships and love. Obviously, if we have these traits, then God has them too, to the infinite degree. To treat a person as an object is ethically reprehensible: think of slaves, nyotaimori or those scenes of emperors or pharaohs stepping on people as a ladder or sitting down on them to rest. To treat the greatest person as an object, then, to use them only for their energy, is the greatest of all failings. It blocks you from accessing the infinite beauty and loving care of the Lord and makes you miss out on the ultimate purpose of life completely.

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