Just as our bodies need shelter to stay healthy, so too our inner selves need a refuge for restoration and growth.  We need to create an inner space and refuge to where we can and should retreat to once every day, if not several times a day.  Here are 5 tips on how to do this.

  1. Silence and solitude: find a place to be alone and in silence. This is a special moment of the day, have some quality time with yourself.
  2. Total honesty: this inner space must be one of total honesty. Be honest with yourself. Face your fears. Hear your doubts.
  3. Inner peace: get a feel for your inner peace, what’s blocking it, what’s facilitating it. Get a feel for what’s giving you anxiety and why it’s giving you anxiety. What’s making you feel in harmony, what’s blocking it.
  4. Soul time: evaluate your connection. How connected are you to yourself? How connected are you to God. How much of your life is based on connection and service, and how much is trivial and superficial?
  5. Personalize the experience: you may want to create an image of your inner space, or a smell, or other sensation. You may want to do some deep breathing to go with it. You may want to start with a mantra or prayer. Adjust the experience to make your inner space and refuge as secure and welcoming as possible.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this practice. There can be no self-improvement or self-realization without directing your attention to your inner self.

Check out my video on the subject for more on this.