Don’t let people or things disturb you. Some people go through their whole lives without being aware that we have the power to regulate whether other people will disturb them or not. Incredible as it may seem, you have the power to decide whether someone or something will steal your peace of mind.

It’s all about your focus. If you’re focused on external things, such as making money and what others think about you, then, naturally, you’ll be totally swayed by things and people. You’ll feel every up and down and you’ll be in a constant state of anxiousness about what’s going to happen next. Foolishly, this is how I went about my life for a long time. I know from my own experience that this is no way to live.

The alternative is to gradually shift your focus to your performance, in other words, your actions and your state of consciousness. This shift is at the heart of the 3T Path, the path of self-improvement and self-realization in yoga. It’s deceptively simple.

Notice the big difference between the two. You have, basically, zero control over external things and the actions of other people. How can you be happy when your happiness depends on things you have zero control over? It’s not going to work. That’s why most people go through life miserable, anxious and frustrated. But you can develop total control over your actions and your state of consciousness. You can take full satisfaction in doing your best and experience the bliss of inner peace and bhakti.

Check out my video on this here.