We all have a bad habit: we compare ourselves with others. Here we will see what happens when we do this, why nowadays it’s worse than ever to do this, and what we can do to overcome this habit.

Here’s an essential advice to be happy: don’t compare yourself to others. Especially, don’t compare yourself to other people’s best version of themselves on social media. So, what standard should we use to judge ourselves? Here I’ll explain these points.

Strangely, we like to hurt ourselves. We like to trash our self-esteem, severely criticize ourselves and, in general, find ways to make us feel bad. It’s bizarre, but everyone does it or has done at some point. Some people do it all the time.

One way to hurt yourself, which is common and damaging, is to compare yourself to others.

Externally speaking, anything we have – any ability, any aspect of our body, career, relationships and everything else – can be measured in comparison with another, in a depreciative manner.

It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s certain that someone else has a better body, better hair, a fatter bank account, a better car, more fame, more confidence, more charm… and so forth. Even among spiritual types you get this, where people compare themselves with others to see who meditates better, chants kirtan better, knows the sacred texts better, are more devoted to God or are closer to the guru. It’s nuts!

Worse of all, these days we compare ourselves to the very best version of others, carefully crafted and manipulated on social media. It’s not enough that the other person is better looking, we want to compare our tired version in front of the bathroom mirror with that person’s photoshopped picture, with just the right angle, light and smile. We want to compare a difficult day at the office, with someone’s romanticized and highly edited version of their vacation. It’s a painful illusion.

We are all unique individuals. Each one of us has his gifts and his challenges. Each has his story. It’s impossible to compare. There is no use, and it doesn’t help.

It’s self-torture to compare yourself to others. Don’t let your mind slide into this mode of thinking. With your power of self-observation and self-command, stop your mind from doing this.

Comparison is natural, however. So, let’s choose a healthy standard for comparing ourselves: let’s compare ourselves, to the very best version of ourselves! When you act, ask yourself: “is this the best I can do? Am I showing the world the best version of myself?” This works and this is useful! Strive to be the best person you can be. You have to want it because it takes strength of will, grit, and determination to do so. The result is awesome though: you’ll feel great and you’ll make the most of your life.

The world doesn’t need you to be like anyone else. It just needs the best version of yourself.

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