Retreat in the Bahamas!

Come join me in the Bahamas from the 15-18th of July for a beautiful Yoga Retreat in the Sivananda Ashram!

I’ll be speaking about The 3T Path – Self-improvement and self-realization in yoga.

What is yoga, really? Yoga is more than simple mindfulness and a technique for becoming happy. Yoga has the power to bring profound changes to our daily lives — and this is only the beginning.

Embark on a journey to explore yoga’s history as well as the various paths of yoga, including Bhakti, Jnana, and Karma Yoga. Learn about the seven dharmas and chakras, lifestyle choices within the yogic path, and practical techniques on how to implement positive changes into your daily life.

Explore the ways in which yogic mindfulness can make you happier and healthier. Dive into the ancient and modern techniques to achieve inner peace, no matter your external circumstances. Finally, explore the timeless mysteries of humanity: the concept of God, reincarnation, avatars, what love really is … and how yoga ties it all together.

For more information and sign-up sheet, go here.

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